Our Story

I am a Vietnam era vet, that suffers from P.T.S.D. Through two divorces, Homelessness, and three children, i have survived by producing music. I have found that it keeps me focused and allows me to maintain my sanity. I have humility, But i also have music. Just for Today, with my disease, i give my heart in music. I pray that you can find peace by listening, Thank You.

Here's where i started.  Born in Ohio. My first introduction to music was from hearing my elders tell me that they would sit me on the steps in the church, and let me sing, that old time religion, at the age of three. i probably didn't know all of the words, but somebody might of thought of it as being cute, or just letting me explore the gift.

As an abused child, music had become my outlet. Starting with the music teacher, Mrs Taylor, who would keep me after school to sing a few songs, to the Rotary boys choir, High School, E.T.C. Really, more then anything i would pace the floor waiting for my sister to finish her piano lessons so that i could find cords and put them together. lived in Atlanta and hung out with a number of hit singers and bands, always supportive, but never trusted my own talent in production. Well here i am now, half dried up, greyed up, with sore joints at times making my move to the industry. My music is crossed between jazz, rock, and a little ballad.

It didn't really hit me that my music could assist me in my latter years until now. My neighbors are always coming over when they hear me playing and try their best to drag me out here.
Please enjoy