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I am a Vietnam era vet, that suffers from P.T.S.D. Through two divorces, Homelessness, and three children, i have survived by producing music. I have found that it keeps me focused and allows me to maintain my sanity. I have humility, But i also have music. Just for Today, with my disease, i give my heart in music. I pray that you can find peace by listening.

I had hoped that one day i would be able to have someone escort my father to the stage, when i would win some kind of award for my music. I would hand it to him and say, " dad, this is for the times that you had to walk a half mile thru the woods in the Delta of Mississippi to get the mule and bring it back to the field at the age of ten years old, so that you and my aunts, and uncles could pick cotton, with my Grandmother. This is for being highly favored in high school as a promising baseball player, but could not practice or join the team because you had to support my grandmother in the cotton fields." I would give my father, who is now 85 the award and give him a big hug! 
.There is a big difference between trying to sound better than what you heard from someone else, or just making music because you know what music does for others. Music is music, never follow anyone else. Make music from your heart, not from what you have heard! I am a Vietnam Vet still trying to stay alive and share music, that i create and produced from my gut feelings directed by my heart, to keep my sanity. Thank you.


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City Life : CD

City Life : CD

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